This is a list of victim service providers in South Dakota; contact the nearest program for help, information and support.

If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 SAFE
National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673

Defending Childhood Initiative

White Buffalo Calf Woman Society
Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 605-828-0200
Domestic Violence Crisis Line: 605-856-2317


Buffalo Outreach Services  |  1-800-755-7432

W.E.A.V.E.  |  Crisis line: 800-424-3574     Office: 673-6333

Sacred Heart Women’s Shelter  |  1-800-390-92-98 or 605-964-7233

Faith Outreach Services  |  1-800-755-7432

Wiconi Wawokiya (Project Safe)  |  605-245-2471 or 1-800-723-3039

Hot Springs
W.E.A.V.E. Outreach - Fall River I  1-800-424-3574 or 605-673-4357

Women’s Lodge  |  605-487-7130
Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center  |  605-487-7072

Hocoka Wakan Project  |  605-473-5639

Domestic Violence Network of the Lakes Region  |  Crisis line: 605-480-2721

Pretty Bird Woman House  |  605-823-7233
PBWH Sexual Assault Program  |  701-854-3626

Bridges Against Domestic Violence  |  605-845-2110

Missouri Shores Domestic Violence Center
24/7 Crisis Line 605-224-7187 or 1-800-696-71871

OST DV Program  |  605-899-0084

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response  |  605-737-6294

Women’s Circle  |  605-698-4129

Mita Maske Ti Ki  |  1-877-977-2130 or 605-731-1950
Compass Center I   1-877-462-7474

Artemis House  |  605-642-7825 or 1-800-999-2348
Serving Lead and Belle Fourche

Crisis Intervention Services  |  605-347-0050

Domestic Violence Safe Options Services  |  605-624-5311 


Sexual Assault Advocacy Services – The WBCWS promises an advocate will be on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our advocates provide support to victims and families from the time they arrive in the emergency room, and at any time throughout their lives. Our advocates ensure a proper change of clothes, help victims understand safety plans and legal processes and provide transportation to any current and or future medical appointments.


Youth Education – The WBCWS shares its knowledge as an integral part of the curriculum at local schools regarding teen dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault to communities in south central South Dakota. WBCWS Project Coordinator for Engaging Men, Sunrise Black Bull and Education and Prevention Director Summer Lunderman visit with students at Todd County schools, St. Francis Indian School, White River school and Little Wound high school.

Find help

WBCWS was founded in 1977 and has been providing services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault for over 35 years. Because Native American women are the target of violent crimes including; battery, rape, assault and homicide at a much higher rate than any other ethnic group in the country, we believe the services we provide are pivotal in helping victims seek safety and options to address the abuse and take control of their lives. We hope that the following will provide a quick overview of the services White Buffalo Calf Woman Society and our advocates provide for the communities and people of the Rosebud Reservation. 


¨ The primary focus of White Buffalo Calf Woman Society has always been to provide safe shelter for victims of violence, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
¨ Residents have access to a community kitchen complete with commercial range and refrigerators
¨ A children’s play room and playground equipped with safe climbing equipment and slides is available for children in shelter

Domestic Violence

¨ Advocates help victims develop safety plans whether they are in shelter or not.
¨ Emotional support and referrals to other services are provided as needed
¨ We are able to transport victims to legal, medical or other appointment
¨ We can also assist in transporting or arrange for transporting victims to other shelters or safe locations if needed

Sexual Assault

¨ An advocate is on-call 24/7
¨ Advocates provide support to victims and families at the emergency room and throughout their lives.  There is no time limit on support.
¨ We make sure that there is a change of clothes for victims at the hospital when clothing is taken in evidence collection
¨ Help victims understand  the legal processes and to develop safety plans
¨ Help provide transportation to legal and medical appointments
¨ Provide referrals to other services as needed
¨ Help coordinate with legal advocates to ensure the clients understand what their options are and  the legal process if prosecution is being pursued.

Children’s Advocacy

¨ Works with the children of women staying in our shelter
¨ Works with parents to help them help their children

Criminal Justice Advocacy

¨ Works directly with victims navigating though the court systems, [Tribal, State & Federal]
¨ With permission, communicates with each entity involved in a victim’s particular case, [Medical, law enforcement, FBI, Prosecutor’s Office

Legal Advocacy

 ¨ Assists victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault with protection/restraining orders
¨ Provides information about legal options so that the victim can make informed decisions about her/his next steps. 
¨ Can assist a victim to find an attorney to work pro bono, or make referrals to Legal Aid

Engaging men

In recent years, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has taken a more aggressive approach in embracing men as an intricate part of the solution to end violence against women. WBCWS continues to engage men in education, mentoring and outreach projects that translate into a male presence in the areas of community organized arts, drama, sports and traditional Lakota teachings.​


Youth activities – Basketball is king on the Rosebud Reservation, and the WBCWS is sure to include the activity as often as possible when planning youth activities. Dozens of teams showed up for the Youth Appreciation Day, and dozens more crowded the pavement during our July, Block Party. A recent partnership with the Native American Advocacy Program in Winner, S.D. has created more opportunities for the youth to learn about their culture in a safe environment.