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White Buffalo Calf Women's  Society


The goal of White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society legal advocate is to support you in the court system and the community.

The civil and criminal court system can often be overwhelming and difficult to understand, especially if your life has been turned upside down by stalking, domestic violence (DV) and/or sexual assault (SA).

Our legal advocate works within the criminal justice and civil court systems to protect the safety and rights of you and your children.


Our legal advocate ALWAYS maintains the highest level of confidentiality.


When related to domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and/or stalking, White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society Legal Advocate can provide:

  • Information about your rights within the civil and criminal process

  • Personal support, either by phone or in-person throughout the court process, including assistance in creating a personalized safety plan
  • Assist in preparing and filing protection orders, restraining orders, child custody/visitation orders, as well as divorce and separation orders

  • Assistance in filing application for Crime Victim’s Compensation Program Application

  • Accompanying the survivor to court and other related meetings

  • Referrals to community based and state agencies for services including legal assistance 

  • Referrals to services for children and dependents (secondary victims) 

  •  Act as a liaison between you and those within the justice system (police, prosecutors, corrections, and the FBI)

  • ALWAYS maintain the highest level of confidentiality


White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society Legal advocate CANNOT provide:

Legal advice, or make any decisions for you in the legal process you are involved in.  The Legal Advocate is just that…an ADVOCATE not a lawyer.

-We cannot prepare any legal documents for you

-We cannot write any answers to any legal documents for you.

-We cannot represent you in the courtroom or negotiate any legal proceedings on your behalf.

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