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Community Outreach

White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society has many years of experience in helping our community members understand the nature of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and child abuse.


We are able to come to your site and provide information and strategies about what you can do to stop these terrible crimes, or help you understand how to support a friend, relative or child who has been a victim, or give you more information about how you can help.  

WBCWS is working to provide as much outreach as possible to our communities, promote community education for adults and youth on domestic and sexual violence.  


We are working with a curriculum for our community education that is an evidence based model in prevention of dating violence and sexual assault, to prevent first-time perpetration and victimization of dating violence and sexual assault among our young people.  We will be targeting youth in the high school setting and engaging parents/caregivers, school personnel, community and local leaders.  


Our prevention strategy will include education opportunities to change and promote healthy youth attitudes, beliefs and behaviors by promoting positive and informed life skills. ​

Services WBCWS offers:

  • Crisis Counseling

  • Crisis Hotline

  • Advocacy (Legal, Medical, Housing, Transportation, Clothing, Personal)

  • Information/Referral

  • Assistance filing Victim Compensation Claims

  • Culturally Based Interventions and Retreats/Inipis

 Websites for Reference                         

Office of Victims of Crime:


Department of Justice:


Youth Alive:

Engaging Youth and Men:


Wica Agli:

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