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WHite Buffalo Calf Women's Society

Domestic Violence

White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society respond to our relatives (clients) needs in emergency situations and follow up support services.  We strive to respond immediately to a relatives need for shelter and support.  


We provide food, clothing, and other necessary items for a relative’s needs.  


We also provide a twenty-four hour response to crisis calls and intervention.  WBCWS standards are to secure safety plans and goal setting for our clients.  Our advocates continue to reach out to relatives with follow up to ensure continued services and support. 

Our shelter can hold up to 36 women and children.  We also serve men, and we have confidential agreements with local hotels to provide safe places for them.  We have advocates on site 24/7 who provide for the needs of those housed within our shelter walls.  We have a full kitchen and laundry on site.  We also have a playground and small basketball court that is protected by a privacy fence.  We have cameras in and around the shelter, and electronic doors and speaker system, so no one may enter the building without approval from staff.  Our advocates assist relatives with their specific needs and support victim’s decision making in their response to victim’s needs.

WBCWS offers support groups on a weekly basis for domestic violence for our shelter residents as well as those from the community who desire to have healing opportunities.  Our support groups include opportunities to learn traditional art such as beadwork, quilt making and art therapy.  We have two groups a week, one in shelter and one for out of shelter relatives.  


We also provide daycare for the survivors who need it, along with transportation.


 WBCWS also provides cultural healing and traditional spirituality learning that is intrinsic to our services.  We offer opportunities for those who want to participate in learning how to use our traditional practices to begin healing through our connections with our traditional spiritual leaders and other service programs. We encourage and support them to reach out our local medicine men for further healing.​

Services we offer:

  • Crisis Counseling

  • Crisis Hotline

  • Shelter

  • Advocacy (Legal, Medical, Housing, Transportation, Clothing, Personal)

  • Information/Referral

  • Assistance filing Victim Compensation Claims

  • Culturally based interventions and Retreats (Inipis, Ceremony, Sage)

 Websites for Reference                         

Office of Victims of Crime:


Department of Justice:


Youth Alive:

Engaging Youth and Men:


Wica Agli:

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