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JANUARY Event: Human Trafficking & Stalking awareness Volleyball Tournament 🏐

A volleyball tournament & resource fair will be taking place at TCMS to bring community together and awareness to these crimes; More info on our Facebook Page - Follow us @

Signs of Stalking:

1. Persistent and Unwanted Contact:** Repeated calls, texts, emails, or messages despite requests to stop.

2. Unwanted Surveillance:** Being followed or monitored without consent.

3. Unusual Behavior:** Appearing unexpectedly at places the person frequents or unwanted gifts left for them.

4. Manipulative Behavior:** Using guilt, threats, or emotional coercion to maintain contact.

5. Isolation Attempts:** Trying to isolate the person from friends, family, or support networks.

6. Online Stalking:** Excessive monitoring or tracking of someone's online activity without permission.

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