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 Our work is guided by the teachings of Pte’ San Win to restore the spirit of every individual who seeks our help in their time of need.

White Buffalo Calf Women's Society is a 501c3 Native Non-Profit organization which was founded by our Lakota grandmothers to serve our Relatives and their families whose lives are directly and indirectly impacted by violence. Our community can depend on us for response and support. 

​We provide services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. Our primary purpose has always been to offer safe shelter to victims of violent crimes on the Rosebud Reservation. 

Our work is guided by the teachings of Pte’ San Win to restore the spirit of every individual who seeks our help in their time of need. We extend our knowledge and cultural resources to empower our community to end violence in and around Rosebud Reservation. 

What We Do

Youth Services

We respond to crisis calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We respond, support and follow up with our young relatives ages 11-21 of both genders. We respond to crisis calls from the hospital emergency room, local schools and the police department. We provide shelter, transportation, cultural healing, crisis counseling, support groups, court accompaniment, protection and restraining orders and personal advocacy. 

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Individual and Group Support

Please check back for details as this program is being re-designed!

Legal Advocacy

The civil and criminal court system can often be overwhelming and difficult to understand, especially if your life has been turned upside down by stalking, domestic violence (DV) and/or sexual assault (SA).


Our legal advocate works within the criminal justice and civil court systems to protect the safety and rights of you and your children.

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Community Education|Outreach

We work with our community members to help them understand the nature of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and child abuse.


We can come to your site and provide information and strategies about what you can do to stop these terrible crimes, or help you understand how to support a friend, relative or child who has been a victim, or give you more information about how you can help.  

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Shelter Safety

Our shelter can hold up to 36 women and children.  We also serve men, and we have confidential agreements with local hotels to provide safe places for them. We have advocates on site 24/7 who provide for the needs of those housed within our shelter walls.  We have a full kitchen and laundry on site.   We have cameras in and around the shelter, and electronic doors and speaker system, so no one may enter the building without approval from staff.  

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Monthly Contributions

In-Kind Contributions


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